THE ICO Drops Foundation

We founded ICO Drops in 2017, empowering thousands of people around the world to start and grow in crypto with our intelligent market research, advanced instruments, and inspiring community.

Our curatorial expertise and robust technology connect our audience to the most successful crypto sales, NFT events, P2E Games, and other amazing activities in crypto.

Our community has more than 300 thousand people. We work together to create products that we are proud of for the decentralized world.

Our Projects

For Customers


Marketing and advertising

ICO Drops website, Twitter, and Telegram channels. All our ads are always marked with a #sponsored hashtag. More information here -


WP advising and composing

Our team reviewed more than 300 WPs during ICO ratings on, and with the help of rating performance we have confidence in understanding the basics and specifics.


Smart contract audit and code reviews

Technical specialists with years of blockchain experience have been involved in the code analysis of each of the projects with a rating on, and we are ready to share insights.


Partnerships, business development and acceleration

Having an extensive network of contacts with projects and exchanges, we can assist with partnerships, make business development in Russia, South Korea and China, and also work on exchange listings.


Community Management

Having 17 active community chats and content channels with combined 50k members+ we have significant experience in this field.


Event holding

Russia is known to be one of the biggest countries of individual crypto investors. We can host the meetup for 100-500 participants with full support and media coverage.